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Juan Caedo

Juan Caedo

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Meet Juan. Through the means of his Capstone project, he is researching how students might take the lead on York’s contributions to the UN SDGs. His biggest takeaway from the course is understanding that no matter how small the impact is now, it will lead to a bigger change for future generations. In the future, Juan wants to work in the housing or transportation sector.

Why did you choose York University? 

I chose York University because I liked how they were a very sustainable university and it just felt like the right decision at the time since I was transferring from another university.

What project are you focusing on during your time in the Capstone course? 

I am in Team Q, which is How might students take the lead on York's contributions to the United Nations SDGs.

How does your project align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 

The project highlights with the SDGs since we are looking at how we (the students) can engage the York Community with the SDGs more. 

Can you tell me one highlight about your experience in the Capstone course? 

The biggest highlight is getting to work with different people from different courses. 

Can you share some skills you have acquired through the course that will help you in your career? 

One thing I learned in this course that can help me in my career was how to properly deal with conflict in a large team. I have never worked on a major project with this many people (9 members) and conflict was bound to happen. Dealing with conflict is a very important skill that we must know how to do. 

How have you integrated your knowledge from the ENVS courses into the Capstone project? 

The ENVS courses I am taking helped me a lot in this project. It allowed me to fully understand the extent of the SDGs. I can also use what I learn in these projects in my courses as well.

What is the biggest takeaway from your experience? 

The biggest takeaway from this experience is that we can all make an impact in the world. Even if the impact is small it can still lead to a bigger thing for the future generations. 

What advice would you give to a student who would like to enroll in the Capstone course in the future? 

Trust your team and remember that C4 is a safe space to share ideas and be open-minded. Also try to get into a project you really want to do rather than something related to your course. 

What career are you thinking about for the future? 

I would love a career in urban planning, especially in the transportation sector.