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Amy Homer

Amy Homer

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Meet Amy. She is working on creating a resource for educators to incorporate indigenous equality into a classroom. Through the Capstone project, Amy has developed the skills of working within a group setting and has been enjoying the team dynamic. In the future, she aims to work in a career where she gets to positively contribute towards the environment.

Why did you choose York University? 

I chose York because I was interested in their Environmental Studies program.

What project are you focusing on during your time in the Capstone course? 

Project 73: How can educators approach indigenous perspectives in numeracy, literacy and the arts?

How does your project align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 

My project aligns with number 4 and number 26 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We hope by the end of the semester to have created a resource for educators to incorporate indigenous equality into the classroom.

Can you share some skills you have acquired through the course that will help you in your career? 

Team work! This course relies entirely on teamwork and over the course of the fall semester I have developed the ability to successfully work in a team dynamic.

How have you integrated your knowledge from the ENVS courses into the Capstone project? 

The course called Race/Racism and Environmental Justice(ENVS3160), is one that I have referred back to for my c4 project.

What is the biggest takeaway from your experience? 

It's not about the final product, it's about the journey it takes to get there!

What advice would you give to a student who would like to enroll in the Capstone course in the future? 

It's an experience that's totally different from any other course I've taken at York in all the best ways!

What career are you thinking about for the future? 

I hope to be in a career where I am able to help others and the environment.