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Ephemeral Echoes

Curators: Nashwa Lina Khan, Thereza Eric and Salwa Regragui 

Welcome to Ephemeral Echoes, a collection of multimodal poetry art pieces that explore the complex relationships between the self and the world around us. This exhibition presents work that pushes the boundaries of what many know as traditional poetry and challenges viewers to experience a new form of artistic poetic expression. Multimodal poetry transcends the boundaries of traditional page poetry.

Each piece in this exhibition is a unique reflection of the poet's interpretation of self and or the world around them. Through a combination of visual, auditory, and experiential elements these pieces offer an immersive and thought-provoking experience that invites viewers to reflect on their own relationships with the world.

As you explore the exhibition, you will encounter works that are both transient and enduring, offering glimpses into the fleeting nature of existence and the work we produce, as well as. the persistent human desire for meaning and connection. From intricate collages that explore everyday life to interactive installations that invite viewers to become part of the artwork, each piece presents a unique perspective on the themes of self and the world.

Let's see some of the most outstanding art pieces in this exhibition: