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With a dedication to a sustainable future and a strong belief in the transformative power of arts, EcoArts is an environmental initiative where art is a catalyst for ecological change. In order to do so, we proudly provide gallery spaces at the Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, York University, where creativity and sustainable visions intersect. Our galleries welcome all artists, especially those from the university community, who are passionate about creating positive change. Here, we vision galleries beyond merely showcasing, but also a platform of knowledge and vision sharing as well as collaboration. We offer workshops, talks, and events that encourage meaningful interactions, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between art and the environment. 

Join us at EcoArts as we embark on a collective journey to inspire, challenge, and reimagine our connection to the natural world.

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Eco Arts and Media Festival

First launched in 1994, the Eco-Arts and Media Festival is an annual week-long series of events in acknowledging, sharing and appreciating environmental and social justice perspectives.  

Check out below to learn about our festivals in the past few years.