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2023 GIS Day

Celebrating GIS Day at the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm

Location: HNES 142, York University Keele Campus

Join us as we mark GIS Day, a global event celebrating the transformative power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geomatics. Every year, institutions and enthusiasts worldwide recognize the profound impact these technologies have on our daily lives, from urban planning and environmental conservation to disaster management and beyond.


11:05am-11:10amIntroduction to GIS Day and topics of the day
Professor Tarmo Remmel (Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University).
11:15am-11:25amMapping Land Theft
Professor Justin Podur (Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University)The “colonial relationship” can be understood in spatial terms, in which maps have a special role
11:30am-11:40amLeveraging GIS to Improve Electric Cargo CyclesAdonai García, MEng (Research Assistant, BEST Lassonde)Harnessing GIS technologies to optimize comfort and battery performance of electric delivery cycles in urban last-mile scenarios.
11:45am-11:55amThe Humber River CatchmentProfessor Adeyemi Oludapo Olusola (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University)
The Humber River Catchment is an essential area within Lake Ontario’s basin. As urban development and population growth influence the area, its land dynamics and biophysical attributes transform, raising questions about ecological balance and human comfort.
Noon- 12:10pmMarine GIS ApplicationsChifuniro Ngalande (Second year Master's Student in the Earth, Space Science and Engineering Department, York University)Exploring the use of GIS in route optimization for maritime transport and depth retrieval in nearshore coastal waters.
12:15pm-12:30pmQ&A and outro

About GIS Day

Geomatics touches and influences most things in our lives, often without us directly realizing or thinking about its role. From electrical, water, transportation, and food supply networks, to the Internet, delivery services, navigation, and mobile mapping services; our reliance on geomatics intertwines with our everyday life. Now is a good time to learn about how and why these spatial-information technologies work and to gain valuable experience with many sub areas of this domain. Position yourself for future deep-dive courses that continue to explore aspects of geomatics and elevate your career opportunities.

GIS at York University and EUC

At York University's Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, we are proud to be at the forefront of geomatics research and innovation. Our celebration will showcase cutting-edge projects, facilitate knowledge exchange, and inspire the next generation of GIS professionals. Attendees will get a glimpse into the world of geospatial science and its potential to shape a sustainable future.

Whether you're a seasoned GIS professional or simply curious about the world of geomatics, we invite you to join us in this celebration. Together, let's explore, learn, and be inspired by the possibilities that GIS offers in reshaping our world for the better.

Please email Tim Hampton,, if you are interested in participating or attending this event!

GÍ Equipment placed on a hill

Do you know?

York University is an Esri Canada Centres of Excellence (ECCE) geographic information science and systems (GIS) across the country. Esri Canada, launched its Centres of Excellence initiative in 2014. Through this program, Esri Canada aims to encourage innovation in GIS research and promote teaching excellence in spatial data management and analysis in higher education institutions across Canada. York Univeristy ECCE's members are the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering (ESSE) at the Lassonde School of Engineering and the Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change (EUC).

The Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change thanks the Lassonde School of Engineering for their contributions to GIS Day 2023.