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Psychoanalysis and International Development

Psychoanalysis and International Development

The research aims to investigate how, and to what extent, psychoanalysis intersects with international development; and to identify and analyze examples and case studies of psychoanalytic phenomena from both the Geography/Development Studies literature and the international programs of development organizations based on field work. Particular attention will be paid to illustrating psychoanalytic operations in development theory and practice, so as to make the point that trauma is not just an "inner" condition to development, but is externally materialized in institutional policies and programs. Based on field work, the research will focus on the activities of international development institutions (World Bank, UK Department for International Development, and development NGOs in India). Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) $85,313.

Researcher: Ilan Kapoor

Project Theme: Global Inequalities

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