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NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network

NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network

The NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network (NESTNet) is a  five-year, $5M pan-Canadian network of 15 universities and 26 industry and government partners focused on the future of energy storage. The project explores different types of energy storage, including flywheels, lithium-ion batteries and compressed air, to determine how best to integrate these technologies into electricity grids. Researchers consider the implications arising from the increasing adoption of energy storage and how consumers perceive, adopt and interact with these technologies. Led by Ryerson University, through its Centre for Urban Energy, NESTNet is intended to drive progress in energy storage in Canada. The network is expected to develop the next-generation energy storage technologies and products for the Canadian and international utility sector markets.

Researcher: Mark Winfield (Co-PI)

Project Theme: Energy & Climate Change

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