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Ontario EcoSchools: Achieving Excellence through Environmental Education

Ontario EcoSchools: Achieving Excellence through Environmental Education

The Ontario EcoSchools program engages elementary and secondary students and schools in more than 50 English and French language boards in learning and action that supports curriculum-linked learning about the environment. The annual grant aims to build capacity for curriculum-linked environmental education and action in Ontario schools and to support activities such as EcoSchools certification on teaching ecological literacy and taking action to conserve energy, minimize waste, and the greening of school grounds; EcoTeams, including English- and French-language workshops and webinars for elementary and secondary teachers across the province, with particular emphasis on northern communities; and provincial network of centrally-assigned board level staff, including building board-level capacity for environmental education. Funding: Ontario Ministry of Education $500,000.

Researcher: Lewis Molot

Project Theme: EcoCampus

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