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Smart grid solar-powered charging station

Smart grid solar-powered charging station

The project has developed and built a smart grid solar-powered charging station that can store solar electricity. The project generates practical data regarding current costs for building and operating standardized renewable energy charging stations for electric vehicles in Toronto. It is also yielding empirical data regarding actual emission reduction potential as well as technical and financial performance of solar charging stations that are being used as practical tools for training researchers, students, and fleet operators regarding renewable energy and electric transportation opportunities. Agencies that supported the project include Silfab, Sun Country Highway, Daymak, Enterprise CarShare, Canadian Energy, Solar Trust, and Joshua Four. Funding: The Atmospheric Fund ($25,000), Metcalf Foundation ($29,000), MITACS ($7,500) and Kinetic Solar ($7,500).

Researcher: Jose Etcheverry and Mustafa Nazari (MES Alumnus)

Project Theme: Energy and Climate Change

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