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Towards Sustainability in Headwaters Country

Towards Sustainability in Headwaters Country

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Many of Canada's ex-urban and rural areas face a daunting array of sustainability challenges. In developing effective sustainability strategies, these areas must rely heavily upon local resources and capacities and existing social capital. Part of the solution for these areas may lie in multi-stakeholder collaborative approaches built on sustainability principles and strategies. These include the engagement and mobilization of civil society networks; the cultivation of strategic partnerships among key stakeholders in civil society, the private sector and government; and long-term local programmes of research, education and advocacy that are supportive of sustainability. This action-based research project focused on Dufferin County, part of the Headwaters Country region north of Toronto, in which FES is part of a network of partners (Sustainability Dufferin Society) engaged in a range of sustainability initiatives.

Researcher: PI: Peter Mulvihill

Project Theme: Resource Management

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