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Sustainable Tourism Initiative in a Biological Corridor

Sustainable Tourism Initiative in a Biological Corridor

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

The Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor (ASBC) is one of the many biological corridors in Costa Rica. Given the long-term and permanent presence of York University and the Tropical Science Centre in the Corridor, with research, education and community engagement activities, the ASBC presents a unique opportunity for evaluating the Corridor's potential as a model for sustainable tourism and for achieving social-environmental well-being, What can be learned from and devised for the ASBC can serve to inform the efforts of over 30 other initiatives across the country, as well as other biological corridor initiatives around the world.

Researcher: PI: Felipe Montoya-Greenheck, Collaborator: Wafaa El-Osta (MES)

Project Theme: EcoCampus

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